Car Service

At Blackstone Motors, we have a team of Mechanics & Technicians that are fully trained and equipped to work on any make or any model but ultimately, we are Specialists for our core brands Renault, Dacia & Nissan.

Blackstone Motors, to enhance transparency in everything that we do and to increase customer satisfaction, communicate with video e-mail to every single service customer.

  • Digital Vehicle Health Check:
  • This system allows each technician within our service department to carry out a multi-point vehicle health check during every routine service. In carrying out the multi point check the customer receives a detailed report of the standard of the components checked during the service and in addition the system diaries additional work the customer will require based on the technicians recommendation.

  • Video Email:
  • Video communication allows the customer to visually experience the work taken place on their vehicle. Each technician will take a two minute Video clip of the main appraisal of the vehicle components during a routine service /repair. The Video is e-mailed to the customer as a link and the customer can review the video clip on a smart phone, tablet or desk top. The video clip will display the technician carrying out the essential checks of the service and qualify the recommendations made for additional work to be carried out.

We operate the Digital VHC and the Video E-mail hand in hand for every single service carried out at Blackstone Motors. This allows us to reduce any discomfort the customer may feel and is the starting point for creating a good relationship with a new customer while enhancing the customer service experienced.

Vehicle Health Check

The digital vehicle health check captures the essential checks carried out by our technicians and reports the results in an easy to read check sheet. The video vehicle health check is carried out by the technician while the customer’s vehicle is in the service department and on the service ramp.

The technician will outline the physical essential checks carried out and describe the components as the inspection takes place. This video is uploaded and e-mailed as a digital link to the customer. The customer can access the link by smart phone, PC or Tablet and review the information.

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Timing Belt / Cambelt Service

The timing belt is a critical component in your engine. Watch this video to understand the role that plays the timing belt plays in your vehicle’s engine and why is it so important to have it regularly checked.

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Brakes are without doubt one of the most crucial part of your car and making sure they are working effectively is vital.

Watch this video to see if you are experiencing any of the warning signs.

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Tyre Thread Check

Over time tyres wear down which can significantly affect your stopping distance.

Watch this video to understand why it is so important to have your tyres regularly checked. 

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Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system in your car plays a significant role.

Check out this video to understand why is it so important to have your air conditioning regularly checked.

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