Why Go Electric?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, with zero-emissions motoring being key to the slowing of climate change.
Here at Blackstone Motors in Drogheda, Dundalk and Cavan, we’re delighted to stock the full Renault Electric Vehicle range,
as well as the Nissan Electric Vehicle range.


Fully Electric
All-electric vehicles use a battery pack and electric motors
to run instead of a combustion engine
Capable of using both a combustion engine and an electric motor to drive, either at the same time or independently


What is an electric vehicle?

An electric vehicle is one that runs solely on battery power. This battery powers the motors and is charged via a suitable charging point, either at home or in public. The result is emissions free motoring at all times.


What is a hybrid vehicle?

​A hybrid vehicle is one that combines a traditional petrol or diesel engine with a battery powered motor. Often, this battery motor is capable of powering the vehicle entirely, leading to a limited all-electric range with zero CO2 emissions. Some hybrid vehicles utilise regenerative braking to charge the batteries, whereas others require plugging in. 


How often do hybrid batteries need replacing?

​Hybrid batteries are designed to cover approximately 160,000km before needing to be replaced. However, many are able to exceed this range and should be regularly serviced to determine when change needs to occur. 


What is different about electric/hybrid servicing?

While there are fewer moving components to be found within an electric vehicle, regularly servicing needs to be maintained. After all, while there will be no need to check all engine components, your vehicle will still need to be checked in terms of braking, lights, tyres, etc.

Electric Car Services
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