Finance Options at Blackstone Motors Renault

Mobilize Financial Services

Mobilize Financial Services offers a full range of financial services to purchase and protect the Renault of your choice. Benefit from our competitive and flexible finance packages aimed at you. Mobilize Financial Services is a 100% subsidiary of the Renault Group. Since 2011, the Ireland subsidiary provides a range of financial services in the Irish market for Renault customers. Mobilize Financial Services provides a range of financial product exclusively designed to meet Renault customer’s needs.

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Renault ReFlex

Renault ReFlex is a Personal Contract Plan, a flexible Hire Purchase agreement that enables you to have a reduced monthly payment thanks to a Guaranteed Future Value for your car in 3 years’ time. Having a Guaranteed Future Value for your car means that you can have a flexible finance plan that suits your circumstances and you don’t need to worry about the re-sale value of your Renault in 3 years’ time. Excess mileage charges and wear and tear charges may be payable upon return of the vehicle.

But what are the benefits of Renault ReFlex?

  • We can guarantee the future value of your car
  • You will have reduced monthly payments
  • Flexible deposit making buying new more affordable from the get go
  • Change your car for a new Renault more often
  • You are protected from negative equity

  • What happens at the end of my agreement?

    At the end of your Renault ReFlex agreement you have three options, you can choose to either:

    • Upgrade to a new model
    • Keep the car and make the final payment
    • Hand the keys back

    It’s simple!

    Renault Hire Purchase

    Hire purchase is a simple and easy way to finance your car over a period of time, between 1 to 5 years. Renault Bank buys the car on your behalf, and you pay fixed monthly installments to cover the financed amounts. Once the payments are all made the ownership is transferred to you.

    What are the benefits of Renault Hire Purchase?

    • Peace of mind – Your payments are agreed from the onset with a fixed interest rate.
    • Flexible – The agreement is made to make sure the payment terms to suit your budget.
    • After the payments are made you then own the car