Terms and Conditions

  • To avail of the 48 test drive the potential buyer must currently own a vehicle, this vehicle must be left in the possession of Blackstone Motors. The potential buyer must have fully comprehensive and a temporary transfer of insurance must be carried out taking insurance off the potential buyers current vehicle and onto the vehicle for 48 hour test drive.
  • The temporary transfer of insurance must take place within Blackstone Motors and in the company of a sales representative of Blackstone Motors. We require the insurance company to confirm the temporary transfer of insurance by email.
  • The potential buyer must provide proof of identification and address – we require a driving license or passport in date and in the potential buyers name / details. To prove address we require a utility bill no older than 3 months, in the potential buyers name and address. A photocopy of the original proof of identity and proof of address will be taken by a representative of Blackstone Motors with the potential buyer present within Blackstone Motors.
  • The 48 test drive programme is a sales promotion to support a customer’s decision to buy a car that fits their personal requirements. It is not a programme to allow an individual take an extended test drive for personal use.
  • The 48 test drive programme is limited to the counties of Louth, Meath, Monaghan and Cavan.
  • Blackstone Motors reserves the right to agree to the 48 hour test drive.