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Has Your Car Reached The End Of The Road

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Has Your Car Reached the End of the Road?

According to a recent report, Cartell.ie estimates that approximately 130,000 private cars will be finished their journey on Irish roads this year, which is 12% more than last year, but they have also predicted that 150,000 new cars will hit our roads in 2016.

So why are so many more vehicles retiring this year? Cartell.ie stated “ A number of factors will contribute to these retirements including the end of anti-corrosion warranties, the low market value of the vehicle, and the high cost of parts and labour relative to vehicle value. The reason larger numbers of vehicles will retire this year over last year is attributable to the larger number of new car sales in key years – the pool of vehicles set to retire is therefore larger.”

From looking at market patterns and comparing trends from year to year, Cartell.ie have been able to predict the percentage of vehicles due to retire this year from the year 1999 – 2001 which you can see in the below table of information sourced from their site:


What can you do if the high costs are out-weighing the pros of keepin’ Old Reliable running? It’s easy. It’s time for a new car!

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