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Here at Blackstone Motors we’re delighted to

offer drivers a range of finance packages to suit their needs and budget. With

an array of options, you can pick the one that suits you best – and because we

have advisors on hand to help, you can access a plan that’s tailor made.

Dacia PCP Dacia PCP is a Personal Contract Purchase plan, which offers affordable monthly payments for your chosen vehicle. 1. Choose your preferred deposit amount

2. Your advisor will calculate your monthly payments according to the lease term and mileage you require

3. Your advisor will calculate the vehicle’s Guaranteed Minimum Future Value The interest on your plan is calculated at the beginning of the agreement and remains fixed throughout, so you’ll pay a set charge every month. Many people choose PCP because it provides low monthly payments compared to Hire Purchase.

Dacia HP Dacia Hire Purchase enables you to pay off the full cost of your vehicle over a set period. Once you have made all the payments, you become the full owner of your Dacia.

1. Choose your preferred deposit amount

2. Your advisor will calculate the monthly repayments (including interest) based on your chosen contract duration

3. When all payments have been made, vehicle ownership is transferred to you Many people choose Hire Purchase as an affordable way to own their car outright.

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