Genuine Car Parts

Geniune Renault Car Parts Available at Great Prices


At Blackstone Motors, we offer an extensive range of Genuine Renault Parts, fully approved by Renault Specialists, so you know you can trust them in a like-for-like switch. Genuine parts will keep your Renault running like it did when it left the factory, saving you on service costs and ensuring the safety of the car once it’s installed.

Aftermarket parts often don’t reach the high standards set by Renault and other car brands, and could result in your car performing poorly and affecting the safety of the car. Often it’s not necessarily the driver of the car that chooses these parts, but the car repairer. To ensure your car isn’t fit with lower quality, or even illegal, car parts visit Blackstone Motors who will fit 100% Genuine Renault Parts to keep your car running smoothly. You’ll also benefit from any advances in parts technology developed by Renault, meaning your car could actually improve its performance.

Renault put every one of their genuine parts through tests to guarantee you get the perfect fit for whichever car you choose. To ensure their safety, Renault:

  • Perform 350 test crashes each year, as well as 4,500 virtual tests.
  • Employs 600 engineers and technicians who oversee the choice of materials, of manufacturing processes and test methods
  • Ensure perfect geometry, aesthetics and aerodynamics after repair, keeping your car running perfectly
  • 700 patents are lodged each year, so you’ll benefit from any technical advances from new genuine parts.

If you have any questions regarding finding a new part for your Renault or Dacia, get in touch with Blackstone Motors today and we’ll be happy to help. You can call us on (041) 983 1100 (Blackstone Motors Drogheda), (042) 933 1111 (Blackstone Motors Dundalk) (049) 432 6111 (Blackstone Motors Cavan) or use the “Contact” button below and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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