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New Renault Twizy
from €9,833

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New Renault Twizy

Design - Exterior


The Twizy is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching and afforadable all-electric cars you can currently buy in Ireland, with a starting RRP of €9,995

Absolutely out there and 100% different from anything you have ever seen before – the new Renault Twizy is urban chic at its finest. Using flowing lines and shape architecture you have never even imagined to create an eye-catching profile. Perfect for city driving (and parking), the Twizy has vertical opening scissor doors and despite its compact size, has LOTS of functionality, personality and expression

Design - Interior

Make your move and live it up with Twizy’s 40 litres of stowage. Twin glove boxes on the dashboard hold much more than gloves: like drinks cans, sunglasses, and the rest. Storage nets safely hold small items. And for the weekly shop, fix a 50-litre bag to the passenger seat with secure fasteners. This is real life, and 100% mobile.

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Battery, Performance & Safety

The Twizy’s Z.E battery is ultra-efficient, keeping your running costs low and easy to recharge at one of the many ESB quick-charge points installed throughout the country.

Charge the batteries? ... Couldn’t be simpler. Open the front flap, pull out the cable, and plug into any 230V socket. After only 3 hours 30 minutes charging, you’re good up to 100kms (ECE-15). Enough to cope with anything, especially since the automatic gearbox helps electric economy. As with the entire Z.E. range, on the dashboard you will see remaining battery life information, so you’ll always know where you stand. With Twizy, energy is everywhere and of course at the charging posts increasingly fitted in cities.

Twizy also has a knack for protecting you. Its tubular frame chassis, developed by Renaultsport, protects you against impacts, and four disc brakes mean true active safety. Combined with an amazing turning circle, Twizy is not only a fun vehicle to drive but a really responsive one too. For passive safety, four-point seatbelts and a driver’s airbag have never before been seen on a vehicle that’s so agile and easy to handle. So it’s true: you live city life much better when you feel safe inside.

For further information or to book a test drive in the cheeky new Renault Twizy, contact our Renault EV experts today on 041 9831100 (Drogheda), 0429331111 (Dundalk) or on 0494326111(Cavan)

Vertical Scissor Doors Perfect for parking!
Perfect for Urban Driving! Functionality, Personality and Expression
Twizy Interior Space for Two