Reduced Toll Fares for EV Owners

EVTI scheme available for first 50,000 registered EVs

The Electric Vehicle Toll Incentive (EVTI) is a reduced tolling scheme for Electric Vehicles which the DTTAS (The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport ) secured funding for under the 2018 budget. The main aim of this scheme is to encourage more road users to consider electric vehicles.

The scheme refunds are capped at €500 per EV each year for privately owned vehicles and €1000 per year for goods vehicles. EVTI is available to the first 50,000 electric vehicles with an EVTI tag registered under the scheme and is initially set to run up until the end of 2022.

How much you save on each toll depends on if you drive a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) or Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), the time you use the toll road and which road you use. Conventional Hybrid Vehicles (hybrids that don’t require being plugged in to be charged) don’t apply for this scheme. Qualifying BEV or PHEV vehicles must have CO2 emissions of 80gm per km or less. Electric motorbikes are included in the scheme and each EV can only be registered once for the EVTI scheme.

How do you sign up to save?

In order to register for EVTI, sign up for a toll tag from any of the approved participating tag providers. Visit for a full list of tag providers, FAQs and Ts&Cs of the EVTI scheme. For the official statement from the DTTAS on EVTI click here.

Ready to drive electric?

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